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About Me

Hello! Welcome to KFab Photography. Like most photographers, I fell in love with photography at a very young age, shooting with my point and shoot film cameras and waiting with great anticipation for the prints to come.  I am passionate about the ever expanding art of photography and have learned SO MUCH along the way. I shoot children, families, dancers, and seniors. I love capturing what is unique and beautiful about every person and the special connections between them.

Here is a little about me:

  • My husband makes me laugh every day. That’s why I married him. He also managed to heal my heart with his constant unconditional love.
  • I have four children, a daughter in love, and 2 grandchildren. I think each and every one of them is amazing. I was unprepared for the intensity of emotion that came with being a mom, it’s been 24 years, I have not recovered.
  • I spent my entire life being terrified of animals, particularly dogs. I overcame my fears to get my children a pet. I can’t believe how much I love my dogs and can’t imagine what I was ever afraid of.
  • I studied dance for many years and I wanted to be a dancer. I lived, ate, drank and breathed dance. Now, I couldn’t do the splits if my life depended on it. I still love dance and I am a proud dance mom. But not a crazy one, I promise.
  • I spent some time as a single mom and impoverished. That experience changed me in ways I could never express. As a direct result, I am far less judgmental. I believe we are all doing the very best we can and everyone needs a helping hand now and then.
  • I am sensitive and feel things more passionately and deeply than most but, I am also very strong and can handle anything that comes my way. I cry very easily and get emotionally attached to each and every session. It’s just who I am.
  • I LOVE to decorate my house. I always have a new project in mind and my husband is USUALLY a willing to participant. I have redone every room in my house, twice. We usually have no idea what we are doing but have fun anyway!


HELLO! Let’s chat! 

Thank you for considering me for your photography needs.

I can’t wait to work with you and your beautiful family!

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Cell: 248.917.2578
Email: kfabphotos@gmail.com
Instagram: kebertram

Twitter: KEBertram

Facebook: Karen Lakatos Bertram

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Session Pricing Options

Below you will find my general pricing structure. Each session is unique and personalized so once we chat, I will confirm your total investment.

Deposits are due at the time the session is booked in order to hold your session date. Final payment due the day of the shoot.

Portrait Sessions
Families, Children, Tweens
1-1.5 hour shoot
1 location, up to 2 outfits/looks
Minimum of 35 digital images
$100 to book/schedule
Senior Portraits
Personalized Planning Session
On Location 1.5-2 hour shoot
Up to three outfits/looks
Minimum of 50 digital images
$150 deposit to book/schedule
Four Season Seniors
Personalized Planning Session
4 Seasonal Shoots, 1-1.5 hours
Two outfits/looks per season
Minimum of 25 digital images each session
Free yearbook head shot
$200 deposit to book/schedule
Add On Services
Varies by service
Hair and Make Up Artist $85
Travel Outside of Oakland County $25
Additional Location $20
Yearbook Head Shot $35