Filth and destruction

It is not an understatement for me to tell you that I am a little bit of a clean freak (you can comment if you want my dear friends, I own it). So, walking in to our rental after 11 years was a bit of a shock to me. This was NOT going to be a quick clean up and painting project. I walked through each room of the house remembering the charming little bachelor pad it once was and tried to imagine how long it would take to get this house back in shape. I quickly called in reinforcements because cleaning this place would not be for the faint of heart! Once we had the house cleaned, it was time to demo!

Monte decided we could not salvage the green and purple kitchen (his decorating decisions pre-KFab), the carpet HAD to go and the bathroom really needed a serious overhaul. We called in some friends and family and got right to work. By the time I arrived with pizza for lunch, all the carpet was gone, the kitchen was gutted and most of the bathroom. It was exciting but also terrifying. Now what?

We have done so much to our current home. Every room has been painted (some more than once) and we have added character and charm with cornices, moulding and trim and even planking a giant wall. But, now we were looking at holes in walls and no cupboards and a limited budget. We may have gotten in over our heads but there was no turning back at this point! True to character, Monte went straight to Lowe’s and I started planning a color scheme! Stay tuned, there is much more to come!

Hey, so what’s new?

As my busy photography season hit, I found it MUCH easier and more efficient to showcase each of my senior clients on Instagram instead of on my blog.  It really seems to be the place my clients prefer to see their images. So my poor old blog fell to the wayside. However, as all of you know, I keep myself busy in a variety of ways and photography is only one of them. I have decided (or have been encouraged vehemently) to dust off my old blog as place to share all the exciting things going on with me and mine. So I hope you will join in on the fun!

So, what IS new? I can’t wait to tell you!

When Monte and I got married, he owned a home (the bachelor pad) that was far too small for his new GIANT family to live in (although we did manage to do it for a couple of months while we were waiting to close on our current house and it was kind of fun) and so we have been renting it out for the past 11 years. WHERE 11 years have gone, I have no idea! Recently, the long term tenants moved out and we decided it was a good time to renovate and sell. Well, renovate may be an understatement.

That Monte of mine is one talented guy and he took on this project with great enthusiasm- even though some (much of it) was a little over his head. I served as creative director (we work with our strengths around here) and he and his dad have been working tirelessly to get this little house ready to sell. I am over the moon about how amazing this house is looking and I can’t wait to share the transformation with you.

Here are some before photos to get you started!



Meet Makenzie, Walled Lake Northern Class of 2018. I could not have asked for a better kick off to the Class of 2018 Senior Sessions. This is my first year offering hair and makeup services, partnering with Jordan Bennett. I think we can all agree this is going to be a fantastic partnership. Makenzie is a natural beauty and Jordan worked with her to create a natural, subtle and sun-kissed look for her summer photos. And can we talk about her adorable dress? Makenzie wanted a mix of nature and fields and some urban buildings. I just love the results! You will be seeing more of this lovely girl in the Fall!

Enjoy the rest of your summer Makenzie, you are going to be embarking on senior year before you know it!! See you soon!!


Fall was SO GOOD to us this year. Look at all that amazing color and light! When I met with Ally, she definately had a vision for fall photos and I can see why! Fall is your season girl! We lucked in to the end of an amazing long and warm Michigan Fall. It was such a pleasure to work with you Ally! Beautiful day, beautiful girl! Thank you for choosing me to capture these moments for you! Everything is ahead for you, all my best!!!!!


Not all of my clients are thrilled about getting their pictures taken. Some dread it, some do it because their moms are making them, some want pictures but are worried about being awkward in front of the camera and so they aren’t eager for the shoot. Guys, I can totally relate, I HATE being in front of the camera! However, I believe that no one is “awkward” and everyone has a beautiful smile and is unique and amazing in their own way. Here’s to my most reluctant clients, who end up with some special memories and hopefully, dread it a little less next time!

Zach, I know this wasn’t top on your list of ways to spend a beautiful fall day but you were so great and we captured some moments that will last a lifetime. Your senior year will be over before you know it, enjoy every minute! Here’s to some pretty fantastic senior pictures and a bright future ahead!


After our planning meeting, I was super excited to capture Sarah’s beautiful smile and genuine warmth! I think we can all agree that she also has stunningly beautiful hair! She also had fabulous outfit choices, such a fashionista! Sarah has been playing softball for many years and so, of course we were sure capture some shots on the field. It was a wet and cold day but her smile still managed to light up all her photos! Thank you for choosing me to capture this special time in your life Sarah! I loved working with you!

Megan Fall

I LOVE my Four Season shoots!!! It is so much fun to experience so many different styles/looks and locations with my seniors. Meg’s Summer session in Detroit at Eastern Market was one of my favorites this season and her Fall shoot at Stoney Creek Metro Park did not disappoint. The colors were perfection for her outfit choices! Beautiful Meg! Can’t wait to see what Winter brings us!!


Sarah was such a delight to work with. I love a sporty girl! Sarah has played softball for many years and being an athlete is an important part of her high school life, I am so glad we were able to capture some of those memories for her! We had a wonderful time in Rochester and this smart, sweet girl has a bright future ahead. I loved working with you and meeting your family, Sarah. Enjoy the rest of your senior year, bright things are ahead!


Brianna ordered up the most beautiful day for her shoot. Out at Stony Creek Metropark we were able to enjoy the warmth and beauty that lasts for such a short time in Michigan. Even though she wasn’t feeling her best, you would never know it. She looked beautiful and rocked out her session (and honestly, she has the most perfect, creamy skin of any teenager ever)!  Brianna, I loved working with you! I hope your senior year is fabulous! Thank you for choosing me to capture this very special time in your life!!!

Jasmine Fall

Jasmine’s Fall Shoot was quite an adventure. We headed to Ann Arbor to the Arboretum and it was my first time there. The day was BEAUTIFUL and we had a wonderful time exploring (also, getting a bit lost on our way our and hiking a little more than I was expecting…getting in shape is my New Year’s Resolution!!). Jasmine’s outfits and beautiful hair color matched the location and day perfectly. I just LOVE the results! We raced against the sun to get a few shots on campus and we will defiantly go back! Thank you Wright’s for the adventure, it was a lovely afternoon and I am wondering how we will top this Fall Session when the snow visit us!!!