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Silver white winters that melt into spring…

There is something so very special about Spring. Watching the world come back to life after so many months of everything being dormant, gray and frigid inspires hope, celebration and creativity.

This is also the time of year that all my seniors are graduating. I meet all my seniors at the beginning of their senior year and it is AMAZING how much they grow and change as they get ready to spread their wings. I can feel the pride, awe, and even sadness my parents feel as they watch their babies transform for senior prom, make choices for their future and don their cap and gown. Where is the world did this year go?

Sometimes the craziness of raising kids, especially during senior year feels like SO MUCH and I know parents wonder, is senior photography necessary? I will answer you from a mom’s heart- when I looked at my daughter’s senior photos I realized that those were the same big brown eyes that looked up at me when she was placed in my arms 17 prior. I could still feel the 5lb weight of her. The only way we can hit the pause button and hold on to the moment between childhood and adulthood forever is to catch it in our memories and in photographs.

So yes, spring is here. Class of 2019, finish strong. Enjoy your prom and planning for your future, the graduation ceremony, the parties…be patient with your parents, they are learning how to let go and they are SO PROUD of you. And Class of 2020, it’s almost your turn! Contact me today so we can pause just a minute…

All my best seniors! You’ve got this!

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